Building Diagnostics

If you are experiencing any issues in your home or office related to moisture intrusion, indoor comfort, mold, or indoor air quality, we can conduct a thorough, scientific assessment and provide an easy to read report to give you the right diagnosis along with next steps to get conditions back to normal.

Building Envelope Assessment

Moisture intrusion can occur from many different sources. Doors, windows, roof, cladding, flashings can each have gaps that allow water past the outer surface, and then water can track a path to the inside causing damage and mold. We have a diagnostic process where we test each of these components individually and identify exactly where the breach occurs, and then provide you with a detailed report showing what’s going wrong, along with a step by step scope of work for how to permanently fix it.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Mold in the living space can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason…we want it gone. As a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor, we can mobilize to your property and conduct a thorough IAQ assessment where we document all visible suspect fungal growth, do an InfraRed scan, moisture mapping, and temperature and relative humidity survey. Then we step back taking a very wholistic approach and determine what is causing the conditions found.

We will provide a detailed report explaining all findings, plus a detailed remediation protocol to establish specific steps needed to correct the mold presence, and then most importantly, we provide a Construction Remedy section mapping out exactly what needs to be done to correct the issue so it does not happen again.

Building Science Consulting

Sometimes something happens where everyone is just stumped. Whether you are a builder with a leak you can’t find, or a home owner with one room that just “feels different”, we can put on our investigator hat and spend some time in the property to help figure it out. Often the members of each trade see the world with blinders…we view the building as an organism and understand how all of the components work together to maintain appropriate conditions. Very often there is one subtle thing that is a little off and it is affecting the home as a whole. It’s about asking the right questions and looking with a detailed, objective eye. Almost 20 years of diagnostic experience helps too. We will conduct an overall evaluation after gathering info from all parties, and then create an easy to read report that explains what’s happening, and how best to correct it.

“Solving Problems in Buildings”

A building is much like a living organism. It breathes. It moves. It adapts to it’s circumstances (hot, cold, wet, dry.) Sometimes things go wrong and the reasons are not always obvious. We are like the doctor for your home. If your building is experiencing any of these symptoms…we can help.

  • Water intrusion from outside
  • Moisture in a floor
  • Mold or staining on interior surfaces
  • Rooms are not the same temperature
  • Elevated indoor humidity
  • Excess dust