Peaceful Process

Visualize, Map the details, Mobilize

"Without a vision, the people perish" Prov 29:18

So many renovation projects follow the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach. The obvious problem there is that the client ends up with a finished product that is LESS than they want, and a budget that is MORE than they want. So we start with a high level conversation about the overall needs and wishes for the end result, and then bring in appropriate professionals (architect, engineer, designer, etc.) to put a crystalized vision on paper. This is always going to be required and will always be a line item cost in the project…we just pull it out first so objective, guided conversations can happen allowing smart decisions to be made early so that details are captured and costs are contained. We charge a fee to manage this Pre-Construction process, but it’s an offset to what you would be spending in a traditional process…this way though, you are not married to a scope or contractor that doesn’t make sense. We provide working architectural drawings, engineering, and a complete scope of work and budget. If you like working with us (and we like working with you) then we can move forward and engage in a construction contract. But you can always take this complete set of documents and bid it on the street to get alternative pricing, but everyone will be pricing apples to apples. It’s a good system and it works best for you the client.

Next we move into formal pre-construction and permitting which can take from 2 to 8 weeks. During this time we build your project on BuilderTrend and create your project portal. You will have access to all of your finish selection details, overall project schedule, daily logs, messaging, etc. This will become our collaborative environment for all aspects of your project. It’s really cool and it keeps everyone on the same page. Peaceful Process…

Once work begins, you will have a designated project manager and we’ll have a weekly update meeting on all progress and details. We will post daily logs of the work plan and progress for each day with photos, and will also track your project schedule and adjust as we go so you always know when we will finish. This is the fun part. We work as a team with the same vision and goal in mind.


The Peaceful Process...

Initial Design Charette

Meet on site for high level project review to discuss scope and budget.

Pre-Construction Contract

We engage in a simple agreement to provide architectural design, engineering and other services as needed, and a detailed scope and budget.


Permitting, finish selections, site prep, exploratory demo, procurement, scheduling.

Let's Go!

Construction begins. Generally the duration of a project will be an average of one month for each $40k in estimated cost.