About Us

"The plan is only as good as the team making it happen..."

People make the difference

We are not just a business…we are a family…A community of dedicated and loyal craftspeople with a common vision to build spaces that will become generational monuments to the families and businesses we serve. From our in house carpenters to our dedicated subcontractors, everyone working on your project knows the expectation and understands how to execute their part. Beyond just “getting the work done”, you will always be greeted with a smile and an attitude of servanthood from anyone in our business family. And for the duration of your project…you are part of the family too. Your project will be clean, safe, organized, and on track. It is a collaboration of creativity and craftsmanship that works in symphony with the vision and design established and documented during our pre-construction process. You’ll love our people. We build with pride and passion and it shows.

Meet The Team

Colton McCoy

Finish Detail Specialist and Assistant Project Manager

Colton has the hands of a surgeon and the eye of an artist. His background is cabinet-making and finishes.

Jeffrey Schmidt

Carpenter, Finisher, and Assistant Project Manager

Jeffrey is master level skilled at carpentry, tile, paint, and drywall and is a certified Mold Remediator.

Taylor Segars

Office Manager

Taylor is our hub of communication and organization in BuilderTrend.

Michael Munn

Contractor and Project Designer

Michael brings design vision, direction, quality management, and client connection to the equation. The Willy Wonka of this Chocolate Factory.